Grenada: Panorma Will Be Good This Year-Skeete

After some deep disappointment among pan lovers last year, the stage is set to host 2018 Panorama on August 11. Nine bands are registered and ready to grace the big stage with sweet pan music.

This was affirmed at a Spicemas press conference at the Kirani James Athletic Stadium on Monday.

President of the Steel Band Association Jason Skeete told members of the media that eight of the nine bands are also registered for the junior panorama championship. He said all participating bands this year would be playing songs that persons are well acquainted with from back in the day, notwithstanding the fact that the most popular song being played this year among both junior and senior bands is the song that won the road monarch last year; Top Striker by L’il Natty and Thunder.

Skeete highlighted that when persons come to panorama this year they would be able to hear and follow music that they are familiar with. He anticipates that this year will be a good one for pan lovers.

He noted that this year there would be a stage specifically for pan although it will be used for other purposes. The construction of the stage will be centered on the accommodation of the bands since there’s a challenge to the size, height and weight of the stage. The contractor and engineer will conduct a site visit before construction of the stage. Skeete said after last year’s fiasco they are actively involved in making sure that all aspect of concern regarding the stage is addressed.

According to Skeete after concerns raised by the various bands regarding improvement to the product the association made some adjustments because they want to make sure that things improve. He said this year is really about bringing pan music back to the people, it will no longer be about bands just rolling on and off but there will be different forms of entertainment throughout panorama night, that will keep the audience lively since different persons have agreed to come on board to assist.

He highlighted that from 2019 there will be a significant and elaborate difference because a lot of the things they do throughout the year is going to set the stage for what happens on that night; the night of the biggest competition.

The president of the pan association realizes some bands that have minor issues like sponsorship and as president, he’s already meeting with prospective sponsors for three bands; Grand Roy Pan Angels, Pan Ossia and Melody Warriors. He’s also making an effort to get some bands on stream, like the band in Carriacou, which he said would be competing in the 2019 Panorama and also some of the smaller bands that need to get back on stream.


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