Cuba: Making Tourists Want to Return to Cuba

Service to others is perhaps one of the most significant shortcomings we have in our culture and, by extension, our education.

Other countries with ancient traditions founded on spiritual practices believe that serving is a path towards self-fulfillment; but even from a businessman’s pragmatic viewpoint, serving a customer properly is a sure guarantee of success.

Cuban businesspeople know the compensatory value of providing a service with vocation. How can you anticipate every client’s individual needs? How can you establish this invisible connection of respect and kindness even though it’s founded on an exchange of interests?

According to Leonel Pinet, the objective is to make tourists not feel possible inconveniences on their trip to the island. Incidents which might stem from a difference in culture, climate, language or the almost unforeseeable peculiarities of our complex reality. Anticipating them, going out of our way, doing like they do in that old comedy of Laurel and Hardy: Hardy received nearly all the blows while Laurel didn’t even realize.

What is “Your Days in Cuba”?

Your Days in Cuba is a modest and private travel agency. It was founded as a result of its creator’s professional maturity and social need.

How have tourists embraced it?

Up until now, tourists see it as a personalized service to ensure they have a high-quality trip.

What are the most regular problems you have to deal with?

Overcoming the obstacle that our cultural barrier presents has been a regular problem, making sure that there are no misunderstandings when getting a tourist package ready.



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