Barbados: Innovation in education a positive

More can still be done to advance technology and innovation in schools, so says Rodney Taylor, Chairman of the Internet Society Barbados Chapter.

However, he acknowledged that there has been initiatives to advance the development of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), but more can be done in terms of using online platforms in education and business opportunities.

While he was speaking at the recently held first Barbados Youth Internet Governance Forum at Barbados Community College (BCC) Taylor told the media, “Our students have the creativity and interest in technology, but we can do more in schools. They are initiatives with respect to introducing technology in schools and I think there is even a Smart class room at one of our secondary schools, they are also hackathons that are supported by the National Council of Science and Technology and they are forums like this that help to introduce the concept to students, but more can be done. Out of this forum we will make policy recommendations to the policy makers and hopefully that will impact policy in relation to education and technology.”

Taylor explained, “the Internet Governance Forum is an opportunity to engage young people specifically those in school on issues that impact them online.

“The forum focuses on Gaming and Social Media Issues and Challenges. Gaming of course is a multibillionaire industry but there is also the potential to become addicted to gaming. We also are looking at the opportunities of learning online and there is a world of possibilities for education.


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