Brooklyn drug-dealing crew bustup

Authorities say they pulled down armed Brooklyn drug dealers — which included one card-carrying menace.

Anthony (Menace) Philogene, 46, was one of eight men who have been indicted on a heap of drug-dealing charges, Special Narcotics Prosecutor Bridget Brennan said Monday.

The men sold almost $40,000 in nearly 60 sales of cocaine and marijuana to undercover police officers, Brennan said. Most of the sales occurred around East Flatbush, and authorities seized six guns in the course of the yearlong probe.

Philogene made the biggest single sale, a May 2018 deal in Bedford-Stuyvesant for 62 grams of crack costing $3,900.

Police found five of the six guns at Philogene’s residence in Rosedale, Queens, as well as drugs, related paraphernalia and business cards with the name “Menace.” The house is a block from a charter elementary school, and two kids were present at the house. The kids’ relationship to Philogene wasn’t specified.

The men operated in loosely linked drug-dealing networks and Anthony Myrie, 24, was the common link, Brennan said.

Philogene was arraigned on the indictment and remanded Monday in Manhattan Supreme Court. He faces eight to 20 years on the top drug-dealing count. Myrie is looking at eight to 17 years. He was arraigned last month and remanded.



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