The Ministry of Education, Technological and Vocational Training has officially launched an Anti-Violence Campaign aimed at facing, head on, issues of violence in our schools.

Speaking to the media yesterday on the sidelines of the launch, which was held at the Princess Margaret Secondary School, Acting Prime Minister and Minister of Education, Technological and Vocational Training, Santia Bradshaw said that as part of that effort, her ministry intends to appoint a cadre of Peace Ambassadors from every schools across Barbados to help promote positive behaviours among their peers.

“There is too much of the negative circulated on the social media and being talked about… I think that we have a responsibility to highlight those efforts more than we have been doing, and to find forums to allow young people to be able to speak out about what they are doing and how they would like to see their society and certainly their school environment change as well,” the Acting Prime Minister stated.

The campaign launched yesterday in conjunction with UNICEF, Bradshaw said, is but one way her ministry is showing it is serious about trying to combat the issues young people are facing. She made the point while noting that the incidence of violence in our schools and society at large is on the increase and as such, the goal is to get persons to start to talk things out as opposed to reacting and being violent.

“We have chosen the Princess Margaret Secondary School because the first Peace Ambassador that was named by the ministry is a young lady by the name of Ayra Newton, whose video on Facebook was circulated showing that she was at the forefront of being bullied and she did something that we consider to be totally remarkable, where she walked away. As a result of that, we chose Princess Margaret School to signal the launch of this campaign and we will be going to other schools,” she said.



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