Antigua: Crackdown on unlicensed pharmacies

The public is being put on notice that individuals engaging in the sale of pharmaceuticals without the proper legal authority to do so will be dealt with severely.

This is according to Director of Pharmaceutical Services in the Ministry of Health, Alfred Athill who said individuals found

selling pharmaceutical items in contraband locations will be prosecuted going forward.

“This is a call to persons involved in this illegal practice, to stop, because there are consequences under the law and also, for the general public to be on guard in terms of what they buy and where they buy them,” he said.

There is not an exact figure of how many people are engaged in the illegal sale of medicine, but the Antigua and Barbuda pharmaceutical council is aware that individuals are trading pharmaceuticals without proper authorisation from the pharmacy council.

Athill said the drug inspectors have been “stepping up their game “as it relates to the inspection process and advised the public that they should only be purchasing pharmaceutical and related products from bonafide establishments.

A police officer has been assigned to work with the drug inspectors when they go out in the field, to assist with cracking down on individuals who are not duly licensed to trade in pharmaceuticals.



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