Yesterday was the start of the Crop Over Festival Season 2018 and even though some persons were disappointed by the late start, the excitement was still high as several turned out for the season’s first major event, Crop Over X-Plosion.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, CEO of the National Cultural Foundation, Cranston Browne, stated that they chose once again to “lift off” the start of the season in the East of the island as the decentralisation of their events allowed them to spread the spirit of the Festival across the rural communities.

“[It is] a decision that was taken in response to previous stakeholder/public consultations and is something we hope to continue as we extend these celebrations of our cultural heritage into other parishes and rural communities across the island,” he said.

“Indeed, Crop Over is never stagnant or static, it is always dynamic, and growing, and changing, much like the move to rebrand this year’s opening as the First Citizens Crop Over X-plosion.”

Browne noted that this change was not just in the name but in the entire approach.

“It is about accepting the challenge to revisit the concept, embracing the millennial generation with activities that balance our entire edict of preserving our rich cultural heritage, while we draft our new stories and create new traditions,” he said.


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