Brooklyn shootings caught on tape in East Flatbush gang takedown

A mall shooting that sent terrified shoppers running and filled busy streets with gun blasts was how trigger-happy goons amused themselves, according to shocking footage released in a Brooklyn gang takedown.

Even worse, authorities said Thursday, the reputed East Flatbush gangbangers viewed the violence as a game, disguising their talk of shots and missed targets with basketball terms like “layups” and “air balls.”

Police and Brooklyn prosecutors announced a sprawling 18-person indictment targeting the Martense Beverly Bosses, a gang linked to the Bloods. The case focuses on eight shootings, two of which were fatal.

The gang’s been feuding with rivals, including a Folk Nation subset, and some of that gunfire was caught on tape. One incident was a July 2017 shooting at Kings Plaza Mall in Mill Basin.

Prosecutors said Quentin Raymond, 17, Jeremy Denaud, 17, and Stephon Daly, 19, saw rivals as they walked through the mall. The trio tried unsuccessfully to get their enemies outside. Daly allegedly passed a gun to Raymond, who squeezed off one round before his gun jammed and the clip fell out. Court records show Raymond and Denaud are being held on $350,000 and $150,000 bail, respectively, but Daly is still at large, according to a source.

No one was hit in the mall attack. In a conversation between two other members days later, the shooting was called “goofy.”

“This is as brazen as it comes,” Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez said at a press conference.

Prosecutors say they’ve got the slam-dunk case now, built after two years on all kinds of evidence from recorded calls to surveillance video and cell phone data.



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