Jamaica: L’Antoinette Stines wants credit from Beyoncé, Jay-Z

L’Acadco founder and lead choreographer L’Antoinette Stines is not pleased about not being credited on the album Everything Is Love by The Carters, aka Jay-Z and Beyoncé.

It was released on Saturday on streaming service Tidal.

Stines’ voice is featured on the track Black Effect.

“It was brought to my attention by my daughter who is overseas; someone told her about it. I just don’t understand why I wasn’t credited,” Stines told the Jamaica Observer yesterday. “They interviewed me when they came here earlier this year and I didn’t know that it would’ve ended up on an album.”

In March the American power couple were spotted in the Trench Town community of Kingston shooting scenes for a promo their upcoming On the Run II Tour. They were on a motorcycle driven by Jay-Z.

Last year the rapper visited Bob Marley’s Tuff Gong Studios.

Stines said she is contemplating options to ensure she is credited.

Music producer and sound system selector RoryStoneLove is credited on the album for his vocals on the track Summer.

He explained how he got involved in the project.

“I got a text last week while I was overseas that they wanted to use my voice on a track, but it was kinda top secret. I was really surprised that they contacted me for something like that. I heard that Jay-Z has been a fan of mine for a long time,” said RoryStoneLove.

He added, “They sent me a script and I just did it. I am very honoured to be a part of the album and it’s a good look for selectors in general.”

RoryStoneLove has been in the sound system arena since 1983 when he started out with a house party ‘sound’ called Champagne. The following year he joined Stone Love and his career took off.

In recent years he has ventured into music production. Last year he produced singer Samory I’s debut album, Black Gold.

Two of the songs on Everything is Love, namely Friends and Heard About Us, were produced by Jamaica-born Matthew “Boi-1da” Samuels.

L’Antoinette Stines wants credit from Beyoncé, Jay-Z


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