St. Lucia: Carnival Queen Heads to the Music Industry+Video!

Nearing the end of her reign, the 2017 National Carnival Queen isn’t waiting until her final walk to remind the country of who she is! At midnight on Tuesday, Chancy Fontenelle released her first single ‘Come Close’ on her social media platforms. The song, produced by Focus Productions, is a pop sound but features surprising vocals and tones not experienced when she competed in last year’s Queen Show. Obviously she’s been practising behind the scenes for life after carnival.

The music was written by Dellie Florenville, also known as Pearpy. Chancy said: “I mostly loved the style because it had unique tones, so I decided to pursue it!” She made her contribution in the form of lyrics and with her own voice. Chancy says she originally expected the response to be insignificant. “However, reviews are definitely exceeding my expectations!”

Although Chancy had fun making ‘Come Close’, the production was not without its problems for her: “I was constantly asking myself: ‘Are you sure you are ready to enter this industry?’ Then I finally made my decision after I’d undergone voice training that would permit me to do my best for this recording.”



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