Antigua: Shelter Recovery Programme helps Barbudans prepare for hurricane season

The new Shelter Recovery Programme (SRP) by the Antigua and Barbuda Red Cross (ABRC) is helping Barbudans to purchase and install needed housing fixtures to get their houses geared for the 2018 Hurricane Season.

The SRP was developed as part of the Red Cross’ effort to assist in the recovery of Barbuda while coordinating with the National Office of Disaster Services (NODS), other humanitarian organisations in operation in Barbuda, such as Samaritan’s Purse, and Barbuda Recovery and Conservation Trust (BRCT) that have assisted with the recovery.

To maximise effort, the decision was made to focus on providing essential housing fixtures such as doors, tiles, windows, water tanks, and spouting along with the supplies necessary for the installation of such.  “For anyone to have a proper place and have the conditions to go back to their homes, this is what they need,” said Alejandra Van Hensbergen, ABRC Cash Transfer Program Delegate – Hurricane Irma.

Unlike usual cash transfer recovery programmes, the SRP incorporated elements embedded in the Red Cross philosophy, such as beneficiary involvement by allowing them to identify their specific needs (a bottom-up approach) and incorporated monitoring and evaluations to make sure that the implements are installed properly to ensure the beneficiaries’ safety and proper use of the materials.  A shelter expert was also consulted in the making of the programme.

The target is to provide building materials for 250 households in eight weeks, in a cycle that moves from registration, housing visits for measurements, transporting the beneficiaries to purchase the materials, shipping, distribution and referral to an installer for those who need the support.

Each household was accorded EC$3,000 to use at a participating vendor. All beneficiaries are expected to be identified by the end of June.  The first 50 have already received materials in Barbuda and the next 50 were transported on June 7 to purchase their materials in Antigua. Red Cross staff are currently meeting and registering with groups 3 and 4.



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