Antigua: Eviction Notice For Barbudans

A number of Barbudans currently living in two shelters in Antigua, at the expense of the government, will be asked to vacate those premises by the end of the month, according to the director of the National Office of Disaster Services (NODS).

Those shelters in question are the Nurses Hostel and the former Barrymore Hotel. Currently, there are 230 individuals living in the shelters and, of that number, 20 were given evacuation notices, while another 15 will be asked to leave after their children have completed various exams at the end of the current academic year.

In making the disclosure yesterday, Philmore Mullin said that those remaining will be transferred to the National Technical Vocational Centre.

“The numbers will be significantly reduced between now and the end of the month. Those persons whose children are going to school will be asked to go back to Barbuda. Again, I would like to re-iterate that there are at least two shelters that could be occupied almost immediately in Barbuda and we are working feverishly to complete a third,” Mullin said during yesterday’s post-Cabinet briefing.

The NODS director told reporters that the government will be closing the shelters shortly due to damage to the properties at the hands of some Barbudans who have been residing in Antigua since hurricane Irma slammed Barbuda in September last year.

Mullin said given the damage at both shelters, it would appear as though some Barbudans are not appreciative of the efforts made by the government or that they generally do not care.



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