Guyana: Man kills wife, daughter

A MAN went berserk Wednesday morning, killing his wife and daughter before hanging himself in a 30-minute rampage in the village of Glasgow, East Bank Berbice.
Dead are the killer, Jainarine Seetaram, called ‘Radio’; his wife Bindamatie, called Kameel; and their daughter, Surydai Khan, known as Aniela. The man hanged himself under a dilapidated house about five hundred meters from the scene.

Guyana Chronicle was told that moments before the incident, Seetaram’s 11-year-old son, Mahesh Seetaram called Aaron, was watching television while his sister was asleep in a chair in the upper flat of  the two-storey building  while his mother laid in the hammock underneath the house as she had finished her domestic chores. “Suddenly I heard my mother raise her voice saying ‘move from here’. I ran downstairs. My father took the hammer to lash me, but I run away. Aniela came and he took the hammer and lashed her behind her head. I then ran to my grandmother’s house,” the young boy related.

Meanwhile, the grandmother, Omawattie Behrai, said her grandson came and called out to her to run and save his mother as his father was beating her and his sister with a hammer. “I hurriedly go on the bicycle. As I got to the scene, a car was already there and neighbours were ushering me to go inside, so we could be transported to the hospital. I saw my granddaughter’s bloodied face. She was motionless. By the time we got to the hospital she was dead,” Behari said. The woman said she did not know that her daughter had died and it was not until she returned from the hospital that she saw her daughter’s bloodied remains in the hammock. “I do not know what would have caused such an attack. My daughter never complained,” the grieving woman said.

A neighbour, who spoke on condition of anonymity, recalled hearing the 11-year-old screaming through the streets. “So I looked and saw him (Jainarine Seetaram) hammering at the head of his daughter. I called out to him saying, ‘Uncle, nah do dah’. I started to scream. I ran towards them and again I screamed at him saying ‘Uncle, nah do that’, and he responded saying, ‘Dem tek dem eyes and pass me’.



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