Suriname: Gold miners demand better treatment for domestic police

Small-scale gold miners are of the opinion that because of the stupid treatment that the police receive, they can not adequately ensure safety in the areas where they work. Poor housing and accommodation including poor sanitation and transport means that police officers can not perform their duties properly. This needs to change quickly, says Wesley Rozenhout, chairman of the Federation of Small-Scale Gold Diggers in Suriname.

“Every day we take care that the policemen are prepared to commit themselves to our safety, but due to the lack of resources they are bound by the hands and feet.At the post in Stolkertsijver, agents have to check vehicles in the pouring rain, while with a small investment a roof could be placed “, says the chairman. He wonders how it is that an important checkpoint such as Stolkertsijver “is still housed in a container with poor ventilation and sanitation”.

According to Rozenhout, the “unworthy” working conditions and locations cause demotivation among police officers. Not only in Stolkertsijver, but also in Snesikondre, Langatabiki, Atjoni and Antonio Branco it is bar and angry about the working conditions and facilities for the police. “In some cases, people use their own vehicles, but that should not be allowed.” The State must ensure that the police have well-equipped service vehicles at their disposal because it is the work of the State that they perform “, the chairman said.



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