Old man swaps car for sex act, then reports it stolen

A MAN who made a false report to the police that his car was stolen when he in fact gave the car to a woman with whom he had sexual relations, has been convicted on the charge of wasting the police’s time.

Anthony Thompson, 66, was fined $1,000 last Friday.

Chaguanas magistrate Wendy Dougdeen Bally heard that on March 7, Thompson went to the Freeport police station where he reported to a female police officer that he parked his wife’s Toyota Fielder wagon at the Sea Lots fish market and left.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Jitmansingh said Thompson told the officer that when he returned around 2.15 a.m, the car was missing. He said he gave no one permission to remove or use the car.

This report was submitted to the stolen vehicles unit in Port of Spain and constable Hinds contacted Thompson on March 9. Thompson went to the Port of Spain office. He told Hinds that he gave the female officer information contrary to what really happened.

He went on to tell Hinds, “I was feeling bad to tell the woman police that I went for a (sexual favour) and I gave the woman my car to use.”

The car was recovered.

Before the court, defence attorney Taradath Singh said his client met and had intimate moments with a female. He gave her the vehicle to use for a short while and when she failed to bring it back after the stipulated time, Thompson went to the station and made a report.



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