Antigua: Human Trafficking Charges For Jam Dung Owner

Fresh human trafficking related charges have been filed against night club owner, Cheryl Thompson of Paradise View.

In a statement Sunday, the police indicated that Thompson, who is the operator of Jam Dung Night Club, is now facing five counts of Debt Bondage in relation to human trafficking and five counts of human trafficking in addition to the charges levelled against her earlier this year.

These offences are said to have occurred in St. John’s between December 2017 and February 2018 based on police reports.

Police had previously charged Thompson on February 13, 2018 with four counts of human trafficking following a raid on her Nevis Street establishment.

Those alleged offences occurred between November 30, 2017 and February 9, 2018.

This year is not the first time the woman has come under scrutiny in relation to human trafficking.

In 2011, the police levelled over 40 human trafficking related charges against Thompson.

However, the charges were dismissed in 2014, since penalties under the Trafficking in Persons.



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