CHECK YOUR HEART ONLINE: NYC new online heart calculator could show how close you are to getting cardiac disease

Now you can find out if you really are young at heart.

The city Health Department is launching an online calculator to measure people’s “heart age” — which helps determine their risk of heart disease and stroke.

The calculator takes information like a user’s age, height, weight, blood pressure, and whether they smoke or have diabetes to come up with a “heart age” — and the higher the heart age is compared to a person’s actual age, the higher the risk of stroke or heart diseases.

“New Yorkers are famously young at heart, but heart disease and stroke remain among leading causes of death in New York City” Health Commissioner Dr. Mary Bassett said in a statement. “Using the heart age calculator is a simple, easy first step that lets New Yorkers check on their heart age and takes steps toward heart health.”

City living apparently has some cardiac costs — the average New Yorker has a heart age of almost 6 years older than their actual age, according to the department.

In the Bronx, the average heart age was 7.2 years older; in Staten Island, 6.9 years older; in Queens, 6 years older; in Brooklyn, 5.9 years older and in Manhattan 3.8 years older.

After it crunches the numbers, the calculator will point people toward resources to help them manage factors that increase their risk for heart disease and stroke.

To check your heart age, visit



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