Prime Minister the Hon. Mia Mottley will be recommend-ing to her Cabinet that they continue to give the 10 per cent salary restored by the previous administration to charity.

The docking of salaries, which was part of the then Freundel Stuart led-government’s deficit reduction plan, was restored in 2016, however the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) Parliamentary representa-tives refused to accept given the state of the economy and public servants cries for a salary increase.

“One of the first items of my Cabinet’s meeting – and we will have two this week, the first one on Tuesday – will be to ask this BLP Team 2018 to continue to share in the sacrifices being made by our public servants and other sectors of this society.”

Prime Minister Mottley made this disclosure during the Swearing-in Ceremony for Members of Cabinet and Parliamentary Secretaries at the Bay Street Esplanade, on Sunday evening. “For the last year, as a matter of principle, these men and women joined with me, as BLP Parliamentary representatives, and declined to accept the 10 percent pay which the previous government took back by legislation. We took a decision to have our backpay and our continuous 10 percent monthly pay go to charitable organisations, such as the Salvation Army, Diabetes Foundation of Barbados, and a number of other entities on one simple principle, that we will not accept it until the public servants of Barbados, issues relating to terms and conditions, are appropriately resolved in this country.”

“Consequently, I shall similarly recommend to my colleagues a continued commitment that the 10 percent will not be accepted until the public servants of Barbados receive their due,” Mottley said. (TL)

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