Antigua: Barrel of drugs disappears, Customs officer detained

The police are questioning a junior Customs officer after a barrel of drugs disappeared from Customs cargo where it was being monitored for several days.

The Customs officer was arrested on Friday after the police K-9 Unit discovered that the barrel was no longer in the storage unit and that it disappeared under the officer’s watch.

According to sources close to the matter, the barrel recently arrived in Antigua on an Amerijet flight and it was discovered to contain a large quantity of cannabis.

The K-9 unit had the barrel under surveillance for some time and it is alleged that last week there was a change in the monitoring system and that’s when the barrel was removed.

The officer’s home was searched but the police did not find any trace of it or its contents.

However, the police reportedly found camouflage clothing which they believe had been confiscated from people entering the country. It is illegal to wear any clothing resembling army camouflage so people entering the country with them are usually required to hand them over to the Customs authorities.


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