Haiti – DR : Important seizures of contraband products from Haiti

Since the last strengthening of border surveillance with Haiti in order to fight against illegal migration, trafficking of drugs and contraband of goods from Haiti, the Dominican system is proving increasingly effective.

In a dozen operations conducted between 8 and 21 May at the land border in the border provinces of Dajabón, Perdernales, San Juan de la Maguana and Elias Piña, the Dominican army seized 15 tons of garlic, 317 pounds (143.7 kg) of marijuana, 4,800 bottles of rum, 245 bottles of whiskey, 105,000 packets of cigarettes, 1,209 tubes of toothpaste, 44,567 cubes of chicken, 1,248 pots of cream for body care and 2,670 boxes of milk powder among other smuggled goods illegally introduced into Dominican territory from Haiti.

According to the military authorities at the border, the traffickers were arrested while attempting to avoid customs controls and payment of taxes as well as phytosanitary control points.



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