Grenada: Chinese Housing Project Seems Imminent

The most positive sign of commencement of the Chinese low-income housing project in Dumfries Carriacou was visible on Friday

Minister for Carriacou and Petit Martinique Affairs, Hon Kindra Mathurine-Stewart, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Carriacou and Petit Martinique Affairs, Rholda Quamina, along with head of the lands department, Christine McFarlane and engineer, Ricardo, were accompanied by a three-member Chinese delegation to the site where portions of the land are already cleared and awaiting construction.

 The visit by the Chinese delegation comes following a previous one, which took place on Saturday, March 10th.

After surveying the amount of work already done to prepare the site, members of the Chinese delegation say they are pleased and would begin putting boots on the ground soon.  They pointed out that they are expecting to soon have water flowing on the site, as negotiations have already been concluded with NAWASA. The project will be done on  10 acres of crown land.

Minister Stewart describes the site visit as “a good and positive move towards the start of this much-needed project”. She adds that the visit was to ensure that all is in place for the construction of over 100 of the Chinese low-income houses.

“Work should commence in the next month or two and some of the Chinese workers are already here.

“Their equipment would arrive in a matter of weeks and the project should take between six to eight months to complete”, says Minister Stewart.

The female minister further points out that a project of that nature is extremely important to those in need of houses.

“This is anxiously awaited by some people. We are happy to get the project on stream and these houses would be afforded to people who are in need of decent housing.

“It’s also very significant to young persons who are starting their families,” added Minister Stewart.

With the rainy season fast approaching Minister Stewart impresses upon the delegation that is now stationed here, that I’m important for the project to commence and move speedily ahead. She says she doesn’t want the area to be cleared for a third time only to have the bushes and shrubs grow once again.


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