NYC: Photo of man holding pistol next to NYPD car in Bronx sparks manhunt

A Bronx man who posed for a threatening Facebook photo — standing gun in hand next to an NYPD patrol car — found himself cuffed after cops caught wind of the picture.

The alarming image sparked fears of an ambush similar to the killings of Officer Miosotis Familia in the Bronx last year, and Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu in Brooklyn in 2014.

It shows a young man brandishing a pistol in his right hand as he poses next to a marked NYPD patrol car, while another man peers into the passenger window.

It was posted by “Relz DA Blixky” Friday afternoon, with a comment: “Ya see da blixky… stupid dum n—as . . . f— da 45th.” “Blixky” is slang for a gun.

The patrol car is from the 45th Precinct, which covers Co-op City and City Island.

Police officers started sharing the image,with one cop offering a warning: “Allegedly taken today. Stay on your f—ing toes. Always be cognizant of your surroundings. Our safety glass and ballistic panels are an illusion. SHARE IT.”

By early Sunday, cops tracked the man who posed with the weapon near his home on Frisby Ave. and Roland St. in Parkchester. They stopped him as he pedaled his bike the wrong way down the street, cops said.

He was sporting the same low-slung orange pants he wore in the photo.

Cops charged the suspect, Kelvin Rodriguez, 21, with criminal possession of a weapon and making terroristic threats, though sources said it’s not clear if those charges will stick since police can’t prove the gun in the photo was real.



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