NYC: City politician demands NYPD rid Brooklyn neighborhood of K2 after overdoses, suspects ‘network’ is bringing in drug

One day after a rash of K2 overdoses turned a Brooklyn streetcorner into Zombieland, a city councilman is calling for the NYPD to prevent the Return of the Walking Dead.

Councilman Robert Cornegy wants the NYPD to create a task force to rid his neighborhood of so-called synthetic marijuana — and he suspects “some type of network” is responsible for funneling the drug to Bedford-Stuyvesant businesses.

Twenty-five people were hospitalized Saturday after overdosing, likely on K2, outside the Big Boy Deli at Broadway and Myrtle Ave., police said.

Police have received no reports that any of the overdoses were fatal.

Just two years earlier, 33 people ODed on K2 outside the same deli. The city filed nuisance abatement actions in an attempt to close the place for good. It wasn’t immediately clear how those actions were resolved.

“There are people who are considered runners who are loosely associated, if not directly associated, with local businesses in this area,” Cornegy said.

Cops inspected the Big Boy Deli and the Star Deli across the street in the aftermath of Saturday’s overdoses.

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