NYC: Crips gang member admits to slaying Bloods-affiliated rival

A Crips gang member pleaded guilty for killing a Bloods-affiliated rival, federal prosecutors said Friday.Cri

Tyvon (Turtle) Bannister, 25, a member of the Cypress Gangsta Crips street gang, admitted to the July 2014 murder of Rayvon Henriques.

Cypress Gangsta Crips targeted Henriquez, 26, because of his association with a Bloods-affiliated gang from the “Frontside” section of Cypress Hills Houses on Sutter Ave.

The Cypress Gangstas hailed from the “Backside” buildings on Linden Blvd. and the “Teamside” buildings by the western end of Sutter Ave. and the northern end of Fountain Ave., the feds said.

The beef between the two gangs dates to 2010, when a gang member from the “Frontside” was accused of killing a member of the “Backside.”



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