Barbados: Democratic Labour Party’s (DLP) Manifesto Launch

Finance Minister and Democratic Labour Party Candidate for St. Michael North West, Chris Sinckler is adamant that the island is back on a path of growth, but opined this would be threatened if the Barbados Labour Party was put into office.

Saying that the country was successful in reducing its deficit from 11.4 per cent to 4.2 per cent of GDP through the various measures that were put in place by the Freundel Stuart administration, he admitted that it had placed significant pressure on citizens and thanked them for their sacrifices.

“We have to keep moving our deficit down. How do we do this? Not by anymore taxation. In fact, as our economy grows we should be pulling back the taxes, taking them off, reeling them back, but doing this in a responsible manner. You can’t go put VAT to 15 (per cent), eliminate the NSRL, give the students back tuition, spend another $100 million on pensions you don’t have. That is recklessness. What we have to do is to steady as you go. Work it down and work it down. “Maintain certain basic things in Barbados; education, health care, social care, elderly care, community development, keep the core element of Barbadian society together, keep public servants employed, keep our social services – sanitation, water – keep those things going, work our way through the difficulties, steady as you go. Ease it down and ease it down and money will flow,” he said to the loud applause of those gathered at the Oistins car park last night.

He once again rubbished claims that the DLP was selling the Hilton at less than it was worth.

“The price set for the Hilton is over US$100 million. It is a fact! But even if we sell the Hilton, my friends, who would end up buying it? They can’t put it in a suitcase and carry it on a plane with them. The Hilton will still be down there and we can get it back whenever we want,” he said.


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