Antigua: “Caribana to be postponed?”

Chairman of the Caribana Committee, Yanick Beazer, feels that protocol has been overlooked by the Tourism and Culture Committee as he was not invited to a meeting held to discuss the plans for Caribana 2018.

In an exclusive interview with OBSERVER media Beazer said: “[Chairperson of the Tourism and Culture Committee, Asha Frank] notified me that the culture and tourism committee would have a meeting [last] Friday, and they would decide [on Caribana], I was a bit lost because I thought they would have invited me to this meeting to give an update on Caribana”

He added: “I think protocol [would dictate] that they should have invited me to this meeting but they did not. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t invite me to give an update or to update me on their position.”

Caribana was to be held this weekend but according to Beazer it appears to have been postponed.

Beazer disclosed that although he is the Chairman of Caribana, he has not yet received any official communication about the plans for Caribana.

“I think they made a decision but up to now, as the chairman for Caribana I am still waiting to hear what’s the final decision on Caribana 2018, [which] should be happening this weekend. I have been hearing it is postponed, as to what date and what are the new plans … I have no information.”

Beazer explained that he contacted the Chairman of the Festivals Commission, Maurice Merchant, to find out how he should proceed.



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