Grenada: “59yr-old Sentenced to 39 years For Sexually Assaulting his 3 Daughters”

A senior High Court judge in Grenada is calling on the authorities to introduce sex offenders register to deal with an increase in the number of sex related offenses making their way before the court.

Madam Justice Paula Gilford, one of the most respected judges on the island made the call while delivering a sixty-nine year judgment at the #2 High Court on Monday on fifty-nine-year-old man after he pleaded guilty to six out of eight counts of sex related offenses, committed against three of his daughters, all under the age of fifteen.

 According to information emanating from the court, the incident spanned a period of three years dating back to 2014 and included four counts of indecent assault and two counts of attempted incest.

According to the evidence, the fifty-nine-year-old convicted man forced the children into sexual acts on different occasion over the period and in some instances, using to the Bible to justify his actions. He also hinted to the court that he too was sexually abused as a child.

In delivering her judgment Justice Gilford reminded the convicted man that having been placed in a position of trust, he betrayed the trust of his children rather than being there for them. He failed them and therefore apart from protecting the now victim in this incident, society also needs to be protected.

Judge Gilford further reminded the fifty-nine-year-old that the court holds the view that those sexual acts against young children should be met with serious punishment.

While advocating for civil society to get involved in dealing with the root cause of this problem, judge Gilford said the introduction of a sex register would act as a deterrent, since potential offenders would now know that their action would become part of the public record. She further calls on members of the public to report these incidents, since according to her, as adults one has a responsibility to protect the children

The convicted fifty-nine-year-old whose name and photograph the media was asked not to publish as a means of safeguarding the victims in this case from further psychological and emotional trauma was sentenced to overall sixty-nine years in prison; thirty-one on four counts of indecent assault and thirty-eight years on two counts of attempted incest.  However, given the fact the some of he sentence would run concurrent to each other and others consecutive, the convicted man is expected to spend a maximum 39 years and 3 months at Her Majesty’s Prison.


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