Queens man suffers 8 hours of horrific torture after getting kidnapped in his pajamas

A pajama-clad Queens man was ready for bed — but suffered a nightmarish kidnapping instead.

Daniel Nieves told jurors Wednesday in Brooklyn federal court that his three accused abductors pistol-whipped him, burned him with a clothing iron and tried waterboarding him over eight torturous hours in December 2017.

Two of the men, Rahmel Markus and Michael Crumble, are facing kidnapping and extortion charges in the case. The third man, Tyrone Burch, has already pleaded guilty.

Nieves — who worked as a porter but also had a drug-dealing side hustle — said Markus, an old acquaintance, was after his stash.

Nieves, 34, was forced into a car on Dec. 17, 2017, by the trio and taken to a Brooklyn apartment, where they burned him and poured water on his face “like a movie torture tactic,” Nieves said.

He was let go after arranging to give the trio drugs and about $11,500 in cash.


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