Dominica: “Dominicans urged to spend weekend in Portsmouth for Jazz ‘n Creole”

Acting Executive Director of the Dominica Festivals Committee (DFC), Marva Williams is urging Dominican patrons of Jazz ‘n Creole to spend the weekend in Portsmouth for the upcoming event slated for May 20 at Fort Shirley.

She was addressing a press conference held at the DFC office on Wednesday.

“We’ve been enticing Dominican patrons to spend the weekend in Portsmouth,” she said. “We can vacation where we live and this weekend is an idle opportunity for you to get your own staycation.”

According to Williams, a list of available accommodation in the Portsmouth area has been posted to the DFC’s website.

“We have shared the link as well on our social media page and we will continue to do that,” she said. “You can get the list of the accommodations, their contact information, the availability of rooms and book your weekend at Portsmouth.”

Williams encouraged patrons to book their weekend to stay in the second town.

She went on to say that fringe events for Jazz ‘n Creole will kick off at the Atlantique View Resort & Spa on Mother’s Day weekend, from 12th and 13th May.

“We begin our activities on the 12th of May and that’s with Atlantique View,” she stated, adding that there will be another one at Clara’s House in Picard called Persuasion 2,

She said the event will feature arts, music and drama

“So we telling the Dominica patrons to head down to Portsmouth on the 12th of May and support Atlantique View Resort in their initiative,” Williams stated.

She mentioned also that on Sunday May 13th, Atlantique View Resort & Spa will be hosting a Mother’s Day brunch and will include a whole day activity which will feature different musical genres and artists.

“It’s an opportunity that weekend to take your mother to Portsmouth, spend the weekend in Anse De Mai and treat her to a Mother’s Day brunch,” Williams stated.

Williams is also encouraging patrons to participate in another fringe event called DOMFESTA Explosion on May 17.

“It is being done with the cultural division…,” she said.

The DOMFESTA Explosion carded for May 17, will be an addition to the jazz fringe events held before the main event. DOMFESTA Explosion will feature well-known artistes such as Ti Orkest, Calypso Monarch – De Bobb, Tasha P and White Fairy.



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