Dominica: “Twenty Cubans coming to assist in nurse shortage”

Twenty Cuban nurses will be deployed to Dominica “almost immediately” because of the shortage of nurses in Dominica due to migration.

This was revealed by Health Minister Dr. Kenneth Darroux during a press conference held in the Ministry of Health on Tuesday.

That decision was made to assist Dominica by Cuba’s Health when Dr. Darroux visited the Spanish-speaking island for an International Public Health Convention recently.

“The Minister of Health of Cuba would have agreed to dispatch to Dominica almost immediately, as soon as we are ready for them, 20 qualified nurses to include specialist nursing in the emergency room, theatre and some registered nurses to at least alleviate the plight,” he revealed.

According to Dr. Darroux, his ministry hopes that the nurses will help to alleviate the problem, at least in the short term.

He said the main complaint coming from local nurses is the high patient to nursing ratio because of the shortage “in order to address this immediate problem, and I say immediately because it is not going to solve the medium to long-term issue.”

“We need to continue our training…” Darroux said.

The nurses will include five midwives, two Intensive Care Unit (ICU) nurses, two Accident and Emergency, six registered nurses, among others.

Dominica has been facing a shortage of nurses in recent times, especially after Hurricane Maria.

Figures from the Ministry of Health show some 14 nurses including retirees departed the island since Hurricane Maria devastated Dominica last September.



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