Guyana: “16 Guyanese fishermen missing”

after piracy attack in Surinamese waters

SURINAMESE authorities are reportedly investigating a piracy attack committed on four fishing boats in Surinamese waters, all of which vessels were operated by Guyanese nationals living and working in that country.

The Guyana Chronicle was told that of the total of 22 fishermen on board the four vessels, only six have been accounted for. The names of four of the six men are: Vishal Bicram, Glenroy Jones, Craig, and Sherwin, while the name of one of the pirates has been given as ‘Ballo’.

Reports are that the four men had swum to other boats which were in the water. Two other fishermen were reportedly found afloat and taken to a hospital in Suriname are said to be in critical condition.

The men reportedly left for sea on Friday, but by Saturday word was received that they had been attacked, and that their assailants were Guyanese. This was confirmed by the survivors, who said they know the culprits by name and face, and they are all Guyanese.

The men claimed they were beaten and chopped about their bodies, and even had several bullets fired in their direction after they hesitated to jump from their boats into the water as ordered by the pirates.

Some of ther colleagues, the survivors say, were tied to batteries which provided electricity for their boats. According to reports coming out of Suriname, after beating and torturing the men, the pirates tied them up and tossed them into the water, using the batteries to anchor them.

This newspaper was told that because the unmasked pirates were identified and called by name, that might have been one of the reasons they were so savage on their victims. Commissioner of Police Acting, David Ramnarine late last night confirmed that he had not yet been contacted by his Surinamese counterparts about the incident, and that neither was he aware of it.



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