And Now Millennials Are Fleeing The Democratic Party

Elections are governed by the middle-aged, political movements are sustained by youth. It’s no secret that older folks vote in higher proportions than younger. They simply have the most at stake in any election as changes in policy, usually taxes, affect them most.

But, the energy which sustains a political party comes from how well it can mobilize the youth.  And for two generations the youth in America sustained the Democrats through their appeals to emotion and ‘fairness’ through the lens of cultural Marxism and democratic socialism.

It doesn’t hurt that the institutions of education and media have been completely taken over by these ideologies to the point where we find ourselves today.  But, like all things that swing too far in one direction the counter trend begins to take hold

So, color me not shocked when I see the results of a new poll that says Millennials are souring on the Democratic Party.  I knew they would and said so back in October of 2016 in an article called The Authenticity Gap.

But the big problem for Hillary is those [Bernie] millennials will not turn out for her.

This is a generation more aware of how screwed they are than mine was.  And while their political identity is in flux– reared on diet of Comedy Central snark as a coping mechanism for the lying — they have a near obsession with natural things – real fiber clothing, lumberjack fashion, farm-to-table food choices, etc.

They’ve turned their Masters of Social Justice into Ph.D’s in Cocktails, Cappuccinos and Craft Beers… and bless their hearts.  I can finally get a good whiskey sour when I visit my friends in South Florida.

At least now some of them are entrepreneurs.

Their cultural identity is one big cry for authenticity in a sea of smarm.Hillary’s authenticity gap is simply too big for many millennials to square with that value system.

Eighteen months later after Hillary’s historic rebuke it’s morphing into a general disdain for the reaction to it.  Millennial voters are moving away from Democrats in numbers that can only be termed horrific.

From the story at Reuters:

The online survey of more than 16,000 registered voters ages 18 to 34 shows their support for Democrats over Republicans for Congress slipped by about 9 percentage points over the past two years, to 46 percent overall. And they increasingly say the Republican Party is a better steward of the economy.

Although nearly two of three young voters polled said they do not like Republican President Donald Trump, their distaste for him does not necessarily extend to all Republicans or translate directly into votes for Democratic congressional candidates.

The Democrats need the Millennials.  They are moving out of the youth vote and into the Middle Aged voting block.  The Homeland generation (as termed by Strauss and Howe of or Generation Z will only further this trend as the Artist generational archetype.


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