St. Lucia: “Saint Lucia’s Healthcare Crisis”

“The demonstration of unity and strength in numbers is an undeniably powerful message”.

Subsequent to last press conference SLMDA has had two meetings with the Prime Minister, all in attempts to sensitize the government to the urgency of dealing fairly, expeditiously, transparently and accountably with this healthcare crisis. To date we are yet to see any official document with a comprehensive plan on how it intends to navigate and fix our current healthcare emergency. This healthcare crisis is as much a national imperative as it is about humanitarian issues and human dignity.

We do object strongly though to the continued lack of transparency and collective inclusion in consultations on the most important of healthcare matters. Healthcare, a fundamental human right, today represents an existential threat to our survival. Consequently, we all harbor legitimate anxieties and widespread concerns on the way forward.

We recently toured the St. Jude Hospital Reconstruction Project (SJHRP) site accompanied by the St. Jude Hospital Board, doctors and nurses (especially those from the south and SJH), and a technical team of competent and qualified St. Lucian professionals who are well placed to assist in bringing the SJH matter to a satisfactory conclusion.

Broadly speaking the purpose of the site tour was:  

  • To assess the status of works done thus far in relation to determining the most efficient cost and time specific approach needed to restore and complete the facility as would be advised by the technical team.
  • To contribute towards formulating an appropriate position paper to be presented to the government on our healthcare crisis, solutions and recommendations. This we intend to fully disclose and share with you the public as well.

Our major health institutions, Victoria and St. Jude Hospitals are currently facing stresses of immense proportions setting the stage for a downwards spiral beyond our capacity to handle in spite of our professionalism, responsibility and goodwill.



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