Jamaica: “Deadly rage-60-year-old man who is accused of hacking to death his two daughters and their mother!”

GREEN ISLAND, Hanover — The Hanover police have taken into custody a 60-year-old man who is accused of hacking to death his two daughters and their mother — his estranged spouse — who was said to have been in an advanced state of pregnancy.

The deceased have been identified as 39-year-old Adanique Cunningham and her two daughters, seven-year-old Jayanna Coote and four-year-old Shanique Coote, of Dickson Wharf here in Green Island.

Residents claimed that about 7:00 yesterday morning, Cunningham, who lives with her mother in another section of Green Island, as is customary, went to prepare her daughters, who live with their father, to go to their respective schools in the community.

They alleged that the father, who was said to be without steady income since he was reportedly removed by the police some time ago from the beach in Negril where he “hustled”, got into a heated argument with his children’s mother.

It was not clear what the dispute was about, but the man allegedly brandished a machete which he used to inflict multiple chops to the woman before turning the weapon on his two daughters.

The uniform of one of the children, a school bag and a pair of slippers and a pool of thick blood in the yard were a sad reminder of the gruesome incident.

Merline Thompson, Cunningham’s distraught mother, said her daughter, who lived with her, went to visit her two daughters when the grisly incident unfolded.

“She wake up fi go fi di children dem to get them ready for school and I say to her, ‘Hurry up and come back.’ When I was there and not seeing her come back, I asked [myself] what she doing up there so long. Then I get a call after 7:00 say her babyfather murder her and the three children — the two children and the one inside (unborn child),” bemoaned Thompson.



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