Grenada: “Chinese Embassy Reaches Out to the Grenada Cancer Society”

The Chinese Embassy in Grenada has once again extended the hand of support to the Grenadian community by providing what was dubbed, needed financial assistance to cancer patients in Grenada.

A cheque in the sum of five thousand dollars to be used in the fight against cancer was handed over to the society on Tuesday by Dr. Zhao Yongchen, Chinese Ambassador to Grenada, during a brief ceremony at the Embassy in Grand Anse.

In making the presentation, the Ambassador noted that his embassy was delighted to be of assistance in the fight against cancer in Grenada. Having also signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Tuesday, there would be greater collaboration between the Grenada Cancer Society and the Chinese Embassy.

The ambassador also noted, that it is their hope that the society would be able to channel some of its resources towards cancer research in some of its facilities.

Accepting the gift on behalf of the Grenada Cancer Society was its president Dr. Barrymore Mc Barnette and according to him, his organization is very appreciative of the contribution, and noted that the money would go a long way in helping to deal with some of the concerns faced by the society on a daily bases.

Mc Barnette said since coming into effect in 1984, the society has gotten involved in a number of activities geared towards the fight against cancer, one of the leading causes of death in Grenada. According to him, while they are making significant progress, it is a costly exercise and therefore contributions from any organizations he said, would go a long way in helping cancer patients and their families cope with their situation.



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