New IDB PEU HUB launched

THE Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has launched its Project Executing Unit (PEU) Hub, which is being described as a significant step forward in IDB Barbados’ resource management and engagement with the PEUs.

The PEU is a web-based platform, used by the IDB and the Government of Barbados as an interactive tool to support the efficient execution of operations within the national project portfolio. The features include a shared calendar, image gallery, announcements, project dashboard, multimedia training materials, reports and infographics.

The PEU Hub is hosted on the Bank’s SharePoint platform, allowing for efficient content and resource management by Bank staff. The platform will improve communication with PEUs, and promote project management efficiency.

Speaking during the recent launch which brought PEU members and other specially invited guests together at the Hilton Hotel for an interactive session to familiarise them with the new platform, IDB Country Representative Juan Carlos De La Hoz Vinas, stated that the Bank Group productivity level and innovation are focal points of institutional strategy, as poor performance in these areas is one of the hindrances to development throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

He said as a result, IDB research and programmes are at the forefront of boosting productivity and innovation by providing and supporting investment in human capital, institutional capacity and public policy infrastructure and other transformational areas.

The Country Representative said in addition, the IDB Group is committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity, transparency and accountability, practising what they preach, through being innovative in the way the Bank works.

“This new PEU Hub is a tangible example of that commitment. We at the IDB Barbados Country Office are excited to unveil this new platform to you. It is a modern, interactive resource for our key partners and stakeholders, designed to support the seamless execution of IBD-funded projects in Barbados.

“We are pleased to showcase this platform to our colleagues in the donor community this evening, as sharing new methodologies and best practices is how we as
international financial institutions remain relevant to the communities we serve,” La Hoz Vinas said.



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