The Final Nail in the Russian Collusion Conspiracy Theory Coffin Comes at a Price

Well, it came at a risk.

It came at a gamble.

But the Russian Conspiracy Theory—rammed down the throats of everyone around the globe since Donald Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States—has finally been laid to rest.

With a resounding boom as the missiles landed in Syria, the hopes and dreams of the MSM proving that President Trump is simply a Russian puppet were shattered in one swift tactical strike.

These strikes came at a great risk, as they hit key Syrian assets—assets that President Putin and his Russian forces vowed to protect.

Acting together with its joint allies, Britain and France, the United States struck out against Syria for what the Western Intelligence community claims were biological attacks against the Syrian civilian population, orchestrated by its own government.

Whether or not these claims are true is debatable (and highly suspect) but regardless, the chips have fallen, and we are now in a precarious position as the West once again plunges itself, ham-fisted, back into the cold war era.

Russian leaders have vowed that there will be consequences for these acts against an ally they have sworn to protect. Yet to this date, no retaliation has seemed to occur.

Russia may or may not act, but it is rather unlikely that they will—at least in the short term—as the full combined might of the West is still an overwhelming force that no one nation can contend with. Russia knows this, and they are not stupid. But this is not to say that things cannot, nor will not, change in the future.

Still, this has come at a cost. Russia has once again been forced into further isolation, as its Western peers condemn their actions and threaten them with even more trade sanctions. Pushed to the point of desperation, who knows what actions they will take in the coming years?

Meanwhile, the chatter of Russian collusion, via the corrupt and dying MSM has petered out, as even those suffering from an extreme case of brainwashing find it hard to comprehend how a puppet can so easily slap its master across the face and get away with it.

If President Trump was truly a puppet of Vladimir Putin—or at least once was—then parties in the know would have promptly released the evidence, destroying Trump in the process. The reason why it hasn’t happened is simply because the evidence doesn’t exist.

Hilariously, it is the MSM who cry wolf about fake news and conspiracy theories, while at the same time, pushing their own half-truths, fake news and conspiracy theories.

It is sad to see how far the “guardians of the truth” have fallen and how decadent the MSM has become. They are so greedy and corrupt that they have pushed us towards a path that places the West on the precipice of war with a global, nuclear power.



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