Grenada: “Four police officers arraigned on murder charges”

The four Police Officers who were arrested and charged with the alleged death of then Toronto resident of Oscar Bartholomew. The men, for the first time made an appearance at the # 5 High Court on Tuesday before Madam Justice Alexander Taylor who have replaced Justice Aziz have all pleaded not guilty to manslaughter and murder.

Back in November 2017 almost five a Coroner’s Inquest was concluded that the men Roddy Felix, Wendell Sylvester, Sean Ganness and Edward Gibson were found to have been responsible for causing the death of Oscar Bartholomew who died at the general hospital after being allegedly beaten into a fatal coma at the St. David’s Police Station.

At the commencement of the new term of the April assizes on Tuesday the four men bail conditions were renewed reason being their cases was shifted from the Magistrate Court to High Court after their arraignment on Tuesday.

Five Police Officers were initially charged with manslaughter following the incident, the charges were dropped back in 2013 after the judge ruled that a coroner’s inquest was necessary before the criminal case could proceed and after a probe span of several years four of the five Police Officers that were initially accused were charged.

Anslem Clouden is the Defense Counsel for Rody Felix spoke to the Grenada Informer Newspaper said that the four Police Officers that were initially found responsible for the death of Oscar Bartholomew by a Coroner’s Inquest on Tuesday were subsequently indicted on two counts on the indictment one count of murder and the other of manslaughter to which they all pleaded not guilty.

According to Clouden, April 20th, 2018 is set as the date for an effective criminal case management to which the judge has given the defense team ten days period to raise any objections on the evidence in the matter hinting that such objections may lead to the caution statements that were taken being thrown out and other technical averments in the proceedings.



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