Queens man busted with nearly 70 guns, 50,000 bullets as police search for motive

A humble, one-story brick house in Queens hid one of the largest stashes of guns and ammo the NYPD has ever found in one home, police said Monday.

Police arrested Ronald Drabman, 60, on Sunday, after cops found nearly 70 firearms and a staggering 50,000 bullets in his Bayside home and truck, on 208th St. near 58th Ave.

The NYPD believes Drabman was a collector, but cops are investigating whether he planned an attack with the weapons. Authorities do not think he was part of a criminal ring — but they are investigating leads.

A field intelligence officer in Brooklyn’s 81st Precinct first developed information about Drabman’s arsenal, NYPD Chief of Intelligence Thomas Galati said Monday. He wouldn’t go into specifics about how the officer gleaned the information.

When police came with a search warrant, they found the weapons cache in Drabman’s basement, authorities said. They said the stash included 23 handguns, 45 rifles, shotguns and assault rifles, a zip gun and two .177-caliber pellet guns.

“This is one person that possessed all of these weapons, and like I said, an unprecedented amount of ammunition,” Galati said.

“If you look at some of these weapons, there are high-power assault rifles, large magazines for them, plus a lot of handguns as well.”


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