NYC: “Police hunt for killer who butchered Brooklyn woman as family, neighbors try to make sense of her death”

Nicole Odom struggled to wrap her head around the horror: Her middle child, so joyous and sweet, slain and butchered by a madman who dumped the body parts in a Brooklyn park.

“I wouldn’t wish this tragedy on my worst enemy,” Odom told the Daily News on the morning after learning of her daughter Brandy’s gruesome death.

A manhunt continued Wednesday for the savage killer of Brandy Odom, 26, whose remains were identified only after her sister spied the tell-tale tattoo — “chocolate” — inked on the victim’s left breast.

“Life does not promise a tomorrow,” said the mom, growing teary-eyed. “You’ve got to love for today…Everybody is not in their right state of mind that’s walking around New York City.”

Cops believe the killing took place outside Canarsie Park, and Brandy’s dismembered remains were left there only a short time before the body parts were discovered strewn across its 132 acres.

“I don’t know of her having any enemies,” said Nicole Odom, standing forlornly at her Sheepshead Bay door. “I don’t know who could have possibly wanted to do this. Brandy was a joyful child.

“She liked to cook, she liked to draw, she liked to do hair. She was a bright young lady, so I don’t know why anyone would want to do this to her.”



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