Haiti: “Seizure of nearly 6,000 fake documents in the hands of illegal migrants”

The Directorate General of Migration (DGM) of the Dominican Republic has seized since the end of the National Plan for the Regularization of Foreigners (PNRE)

nearly 6,000 fake documents or documents in the possession of Haitians residing illegally on Dominican territory, during migration control operations carried out among others in Dajabón, Santiago Rodríguez, La Vega, Mao, Moca, Elías Piña, Montecristi and the Grand Santo Domingo.

Among the documents seized among others: fake PNRE cards, fake Haitian passports, false visas, fake Dominican identity cards (cédula), false birth certificates… Most of these documents were seized in the hands of our compatriots but also in the hands of a few Venezuelans, Colombians, Chinese and Spanish.

All Haitians involved in these frauds were deported over months in Haiti, other foreigners were repatriated to their country of origin in collaboration with the embassies represented in the Dominican Republic.

Despite the ineffectiveness of these false documents to outsmart the controls and warnings to our brothers and sisters, nothing seems to stop our compatriots who continue to enrich each day a little more networks of counterfeiters consisting of criminals Dominicans and Haitians, who take advantage of their vulnerability and their fear of being expelled from Dominican territory…

It should be remembered that since the beginning of the year, migratory control operations have been increasing everywhere in the Dominican Republic with more and more equipment and efficiency.



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