Jamaica: “Carnival in the City!”

BRIGHT colours, artistic costumes, and energetic soca revellers flooded at the Corporate Area’s streets for yesterday’s annual road march.

Bacchanal Jamaica was one of three bands dominating the streets and they did that by offering what it describes as a premium experience.

“Bacchanal Jamaica has the advantage over all other bands. One, we’re ultra-premium, and two we’re a party band. We don’t care about selfies, and posing and make-up. We care about having a good time. We’re not a parade, we’re a party,” Michael Ammar Jr, a director at Bacchanal Jamaica, told the Jamaica Observer.

The Bacchanal Jamaica ‘party’ consisted of band members from different nationalities, a feature which Ammar Jr said has grown over the years.

“We are absolutely seeing more people from overseas. We have people from Australia, Switzerland, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Canada, US, Panama, Mexico, and more. Today is fantastic; the turnout is great and the women are fantastic. I don’t think I’ve seen so many beautiful women in a long time,” he said.

One reveller, who gave her name as Jeanina, is a Romanian native, said she was attending the parade for a third year in a row and only saw it fitting to be a part of the Bacchanal Jamaica band.

“They are the best. I’ve marched with them before so I trust that their costumes are better than the year before. I love Jamaica period, but the fact that there is carnival here makes it even better,” she told the Observer.



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