Jamaican Gang Leader ‘Rooksie’ James, shot dead on second attempt

Local businessman, Uriel ‘Rooksie’ James, who survived a recent gun attack in St Andrew in which he was only saved by a team of armed private security officers, was found dead with gunshot wounds in a section of the Constant Spring area late on Wednesday.

Reports reaching Loop News are that the body of James, a reputed gang leader, was found in a car with multiple gunshot wounds.

The killing comes just months after James, who is said to have led the Rose Town, St Andrew-based Discipline Gang, which operates in the Corporate Area, was shot and injured in a previous attack close to a popular gym in St Andrew.

In that incident, James had just left the gym and was about to enter his car when he was attacked by men armed with guns on Lady Musgrave Road.

He was, however, saved by a group of King Alarm security officers who were passing by and saw the men attacking James, and intervened and managed to disarm the attackers of their weapons.

Two firearms were seized during the incident that forced traffic to come to a halt as the security officers,  with their guns drawn, challenged the gunmen and disarmed them without firing a single shot.

The men and their weapons were handed over to the police upon their arrival.

In that incident, James, despite being injured, managed to drive his car some distance before it crashed. His bid for survival perhaps saved his life then, as it allowed time for the security team to intervene and save his life. However, there was no such luck for him on Wednesday.



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