Barbados: “INTEGRATION CALL of Caribbean Islands”

An official of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) is pushing for the Caribbean to integrate.

Andrea Power, CDB’s Coordinator, Regional Cooperation and Integration, Technical Cooperation Division, is suggesting that if the region can get right, integration represents a unique
opportunity for the Caribbean to take advantage of international trade and insert itself into global value chains on its own terms and in a more sustainable way.

She made the point while delivering remarks during the opening of the 32nd Meeting of the Council of the CARICOM Regional Organisation for Standards and Quality (CROSQ) at the Accra Beach Hotel.

“It is absolutely imperative that every effort is made to complete the single market in all its aspects. While we have expended significant effort to remove restrictions found in our laws, we must now aggressively pursue what I call market making reforms and regional public goods, that will make the regional market not only more accessible, but also make it more equitable and efficient,” she said.

With that in mind, Power said the CDB has been focused on facilitating the implementation of regional policies at the national levels. She noted that such has been the framework of the Bank’s productive relationship with CROSQ. She added that a robust quality infrastructure is a fundamental ingredient for the achievement of international competitiveness in the production of goods and services and in maximising opportunities that flow from international trade.



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