Suriname: “BREAKING: Credit prospect Suriname ‘stable’ again”

PARAMARIBO – Standard & Poor’s (S & P) has adjusted Surinam’s credit perspective upwards from ‘negative’ to ‘stable’. As gold prices stabilize and production increases, Suriname is, according to S & P, back on the path of economic growth. As a result, the pressure on external finances and exchange rates will be reduced, better budgetary results will be achieved and the net debt burden of the government will decrease.

This appears from a report sent to the Minister of Finance. dWT has managed to get its hands on the document, a consequence of the evaluation that Standard & Poor’s made in January of this year on the Surinamese economy and the state of public finances. The ratings in the various categories have been maintained at the old level. Only the outlook, because the situation has recovered slightly, has been adjusted.

“We are therefore reviewing our outlook for the Republic of Suriname from” negative “to” stable. “We confirm our” B “long-term sovereign credit rating and our” B “senior debt rating on the 550 million US dollar bond that will be issued in 2026. reimbursed “, says S & P on the current state of affairs. Suriname’s ‘B-plus’ rating for transferring and exchanging foreign currency is also confirmed.

The stable outlook reflects S & P’s expectation that the real growth of gross domestic product will remain positive and rise over the next twelve to 24 months, that the current account surplus will result in increasing “usable” reserves. It is also expected that government deficits will continue to decline, inflation will decline and the government’s net debt will continue to decline.



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