Education and law enforcement officials are said to be mulling over a solution to what is being described as a “menace” of marijuana possession at one of the nation’s secondary schools.

“That seems to be a trouble school,” one source told iWitness News of the co-ed secondary school located in a rural district of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

“Too many times, students are taking cannabis to school,” another source said.

“… the school needs help and the Ministry [of Education] is not helping in my opinion,” said one person who agreed to speak to iWitness News about the situation on condition of anonymity.

“The ages of the students are alarming,” the source said and asked iWitness News to write about the situation with the hope that something would be done about it.

iWitness News understands that when students are caught with drugs at the school, police take them through the procedure as if they were being charged then release them without charge.

On one of the most recent occasions, a fourth form student was caught with 20 grammes of cannabis.

One of the students’ parents is said to have refused to attend a meeting called to discuss the drug find.


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