Haiti: “Haiti -Dominican carriers complain of unfair competition”

Juan Marte, President of the National Union of Transport Workers (CNTT) said that Dominican carriers expressed this week their concerns about the regular incursions into the Dominican territory of drivers of Haiti trucks, vans and buses (other than regular passenger coach companies), complaining of unfair competition from their Haitian colleagues.

Juan Marte explained that many Haitian drivers enter the country with their compatriots who go to Santiago or other provinces in search of health care or to buy goods and products. He said that what is right is that the Haitian carriers transport their passengers to the border and that from there, it is the Dominicans who are responsible for transporting them to the places where they go to the Dominican Republic.

He says that the Dominican carriers also complain that, after having made their purchases or receiving care, when they return to Haiti, they still travel with carriers from Haiti, which is unacceptable.

In this regard, Marte said that Dominican transport workers should carry Haitian passengers to the border and from there, Haitian carriers should take charge of passengers to their destinations in Haiti and vice versa. He said that a trade policy must consider clearly defined plans stating that the basis of any agreement is the regulation of passenger and freight transport.



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