Jamaica: “Billionaire entrepreneur conference set for May 2018”

If you are ready to mix and mingle with the global billionare class right here in Kingston, Jamaica, then the Destination Experience Visionaries’ Summit on May 17 and May 18 is the place to be.

Not only does the three-year-old event host high-level entrepreneurs, it bills itself as an event where deals are made.

According to Kirk-Anthony Hamilton, founder and curator of the event, “Since its inception in Jamaica in 2014, the Destination Experience has evolved into an innovative platform — connecting people, ideas and opportunities with the ultimate goal: through entrepreneurship and engagement — to unlock the potential of each island nation in the region and underserved emerging markets around the world. In January of 2017 the community pulled together a collective of individuals controlling equity exceeding US$100 billion, a historic feat. To date the curators estimate that the community has generated deals exceeding US$300 million in investment for Jamaica across a number of industries.”

Topics for focus will include blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, digital cash and the future of money. The summit’s experts will explore blockchain applications well beyond the typical payments conversation.

Additional attendees can expect to learn about other emerging innovations such as artificial intelligence and deep dive into the world of private equity and alternative finance. Cybersecurity will also be on the agenda, with Myrna Soto, global chief information security officer for Comcast, the world’s largest broadcasting and cable television company confirmed to speak.


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