Dominica: “Motive of organization now in possession of Dominican parrots questioned”

Questions are being raised about the organization the government of Dominica says has been given the task of helping ensure the survival of the island’s Sisserou and Jaco parrots.

The German-based ACTP – the Association for the Conservation of Threatened Parrots – is described as a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of endangered parrots world-wide.

Founded by German Martin Guth in 2006, the ACTP is being lauded by an Australian colleague of the founder as “the best breeding facility for parrots I have ever visited”.

If Simon Degenhard is correct with that assessment, then officials in Roseau can comfortably shrug off concerns being raised on the island about ten Jacos and two Sisserou parrots having been sacrificed by being put in the hands of people allegedly intent on exporting parrots for large sums of money.

However one Australian who follows the bird business very closely, argues that Dominica needs to take a second look at Guth and his organization.

Lloyd Marshall publishes the monthly Magazine “Talking Birds” in Australia, and tells DNO why he is not overly impressed with the ACTP and two of the key players involved in the organization:

“Martin Guth and his Australian associate Simon Degenhard exported 74 rare Australian birds to Germany in December 2017. It is illegal to export native birds from Australia, the only exception being if they are going to a recognised zoo, to be used for conservation, research or for display purposes. The Association for the Conservation of Threatened Species is registered in Germany as a zoo. Guth claims the 74 birds were exported for display purposes. The ACTP premises are not open to the public, so to claim that the birds were for display purposes is nonsense”.



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