THE technology that the Barbados Meteorological Services would have used over the years has changed significantly and they are particularly excited about a new piece of equipment that they have received a few weeks ago – a 3D printer.

Speaking with the media recently at their Open Day, acting Director of the MET Office, Sonia Nurse, expressed that the 3D printer is the future of the way they receive and gather information across the island.

“3D Printing is something new that has been introduced to the MET Office within the last two or three weeks. We had a weather ready nations workshop here, which was sponsored by USAID and some other entities in the US,” she said.

“Actually, we had about five workshops spanning from last year and the most recent one a week or two ago and as a part of that workshop, we were presented with the 3D printer. This printer would aid us in printing some of the products that you would use in mete-orology to monitor the weather; things like the rain gauges and anemometers.”

She noted that this was something new introduced to them and explained that it would then allow them to print these automatic weather stations, so that they could be used across the country to help them gather more information.



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